Meet The Author

Scott Campbell – A Christian
Author with Humble Beginnings

Scott Campbell was adopted when he was only four days old. His adoptive parents had tried for over 10 years to conceive and were completely overjoyed with the news that they now had a son. God had answered their prayers to bring this child into their lives.

When Scott was older his parents told him that he was adopted. Through his teen years he would struggle with who he was. Who were his birth-parents and why did they choose not to keep him? All sorts of unanswered questions. He always felt a bit different but it was all so confusing at times. One day in high school, while reading scripture in class, he decided that when it comes down to it – we are ALL children of God. God is our Father.

In adulthood, Scott would search for prestigious business honors and material success. He eventually realized that true success can always be found in the Bible. Today, he combines energy and enthusiasm to share the message of Christ through his life and passion for writing.

The Ten Testaments: Lessons from the Greatest Teacher of All Time, has received an Imprimatur from the Catholic Church.

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