TESTAMENT IV: I Will Have Faith

Do I believe in the wind when I cannot see it? Do I believe in the sun when the night is dark? Do I believe in my Father when I’ve never seen His face?

The answers depend on faith. Every person feels the breeze on their skin. Every person sees the morning light as darkness is dispelled. Every person can know the Father though He is invisible.

Faith is the magic ingredient that makes wonderful things possible, even when one doesn’t have the means or the know-how. Faith gives us energy, enthusiasm, and hope toward the future. Faith in oneself and faith in God is necessary in order to realize success and happiness.

To have faith is:

  • To believe without actually seeing.
  • To have confidence in one’s ability.
  • To demonstrate the determination to succeed.
  • To believe in “good” rather than “evil.”
  • To seek God for help and guidance.
  • To hope for eternal life.

I will have faith.

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